A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first ever  game that was  made back in my Diploma days  with three other people we each had our tasks when creating the game. I created the character model Dave along with his skeletal rig and animations, as well as the enemy models skeletal rigs and animations, I also made one of the friends that you save at the end of the level Chomper who is a little guy with a spring and jumps up and down. 

I would list the other guys that created this game but they don't have itch.oi accounts and they kind don't really work on video games  anymore. 

The game works very well but the man thing and the reason why I call it a rage game is because of the enemy collisions in the game they are kinda broke we tried to fix them but ran out of time. Their are also some other small things but the game is still playable and complete able. 

Install instructions

The game only works on windows computers, so I'm sorry about that. 

You should easily be able to download the game via the exe. 


Dave's_Wonderous_Adventure.zip 473 MB

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